Minimal photography from Rostock


Once the shipyard of Rostock called Neptun-Werft was very close to the town. Some old cranes are still reminding, thousands of people have been working here, where actually only some people are living, working and consuming at Neptuncenter.
One of my favorite buildings in Rostock is owned by the “Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt and Hydrographie”, the red-and-blue one.
This is Minimal Photography, the way I like it!

Minimal architecture in “Dalt Villa”

For most people Ibiza means dancing, crazy nightlife and “sex on the beach”. I`ve been there three times in winter, and I haven´t matched any of the topics most people think of. Instead i was impressed by the overwhelming light, and the clear and fine architecture in Eivissa (people from Ibiza call their capital like this) and the other little towns situated on this wonderful, peaceful island.
Visit the medieval part of Eivissa with narrow streets and an exceptional view over the island and the mediterranean sea. And visit the museum of contemporary art MACE, not only because of the art, but because of the building itself! But stay there in winter or spring, otherwise you go crazy, thats at least what our friendly hosts said.
So visit Ibiza for minimal photography!